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Article by  Durban Divorce Attorney - Fawzia Khan

For those graduates who have spent years studying towards their degree, many are eager to start their professional career, and rightly so. Whatever profession you may have chosen, the benefits of joining a professional organization early on in one's career, should not be overlooked.

There are many benefits to joining a professional organization in the industry in which you operate. These organizations often provide a wealth of information and opportunity to a newbie to the profession. Professional organizations could assist a young professional with all the latest up to date information with all that is relevant in that particular profession. It also can provide a platform where your peers can provide advice, act as a sounding board, or even perhaps for a senior colleague to act as mentor. You could gain access to listing of job offerings. The ability to network and create awareness of what skills and services you offer is yet another benefit.

The South African Women Lawyers Association (SAWLA) is one such professional networking forum for South African women who already have a legal career, or who wish to have a career in law. SAWLA was formed in 2006, with the facilitation of the Department of Justice and constitutional development, after it identified a gap in women's participation in decision making and policy dialogues in the legal sector. SAWLA is a non profit organization founded on the Constitution. Needless to say, its restricted to females and it's members include attorneys, advocates, judges, magistrates, candidate attorneys, law students, paralegals, law academics and lecturers, state attorneys, prosecutors and state advocates. There are branches of SAWLA in all 9 provinces. Law student and especially law graduates are encouraged to join the organization. If anyone is interested in joining SAWLA, they are welcome to contact me and I will direct them to the correct person.


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