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SA Liqour Licenses - The Basics

Who can apply for a South African Liquor License

Applying for a Liquor License 

Entertainment Law - The Basics


The Right to a Basic Education

Children's Rights in SA

Child Abuse Law in SA

Challenging School Decisions

Can a Private School Cancel a Contract with Parents?


What to do if you feel your Attorney's fees are too high

An Attorney's Lien over Client Files

The Client/Attorney Relationship: Confidential Information

Why Attorney Fees are so High

Why Mediation Works

Legal Profession Changes in February 2018

Defamation on Facebook and other Social Media Sites

Damages Awarded for Facebook Defamation

The Dangers of Posting on Social Media During a Divorce

Defaming overdue Debtors on Facebook

Recording a Conversation Without Permission

False Claims of Racism in the Workplace

Narcotics and the Law in South Africa

The New Dagga Laws - September 2018

Drunk Driving - Blood Specimen Requirements

Commiting a person to rehab against their wishes

Smoking in Public - the Proposed Law


SABC vs DA and others - The SCA Judgement 

Zuma, The Public Protector, Nkandla: The Consitutional Court's Findings

Oscar Pistorius and the SA Legal System

Oscar Pistorius and Domestic Violence in SA 

The Oscar Pistorius verdict and Dolus Eventualis


Court-Annexed Mediation

Cybercrime Law in SA

Defamation in the Workplace

Racism & The Law in South Africa

The Small Claims Court - Everything You Need to Know

Being an Attorney in SA

Doing Articles in a SA law firm

Latin Legal Phrases Explained

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment - A Short Summary

Personal Injury Law - Delictual claims, Special Damages and General Damages

The Victim's Charter - Do Family Members of Deceased Qualify as Victims?

Can the Municpality cut off your Electricity?

South African Banks: Duty of Care

Beware of SMS Scams to Appear in High Court

The various ways of executing a judgement in the debt collection process

New Rules of the Magistrates Court: Does a Summons still lapse?

Noisy Neighbours and the Law of Nuisance

Medical Trials - Informed Participant Consent

Medical Negligence: Childbirth

The Prescription Act, Debt and Cashflow

Injury from Dog Attack - suing the Owner

Negligence Claims when buildings collapse

Becoming an Attorney in South Africa

My 25 Years as an Attorney

What is an Anton Piller Order?

Partnership Agreements


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