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Risk Assessment Plan and Back-to-Work Toolkit

As from 1 June 2020, South Africa moves into Alert Level 3. This means that most businesses will be able to re-open after many weeks of lockdown. The resumption of business operations, also comes with certain conditions for the employer to adhere to. Even if you have already resumed work during Alert Level 4, the requirements and regulations imposed by the various pieces of legislation also applies to you.

In his address to the nation on 24 May 2020, President Ramaphosa has reiterated that businesses must not only provide for the safety of their employees when they return to work, but has directed that every business must compile and implement a comprehensive plan to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • employee’s rights in the workplace
  • esting and screening for coronavirus
  • the layout of your business to ensure social distancing
  • interacting with customers or members of the public
  • how to deal with an employee who may be infected with the coronavirus
  • indemnifying your business even if your employee is working from home the list goes on.

The vast number of different Acts and regulations which need to be considered and implemented are staggering.

In order to compile the required plan, the employer needs to be familiar with the Disaster Management Act, 2002, The Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993, The Hazardous Biological Agents Regulations (2001), The Facilities Regulations, 2004, The Disaster Management Regulations, The Health & Safety Directive issued by the Minister of Employment, The Labour Relations Act, The Public Transport Directions as at 4 May 2020, The COIDA Notice: Claims for COVID19 infections at the workplace, The DTIC: Recommended Guidelines for Fabric Masks, The Directions regarding Call Centres providing essential services, Small Business Development Directions during Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, The Department of Employment and Labour: COVID19 Workplace Preparedness; The Department of Health and the COVID19 Environmental Health Guidelines.

Failure to comply will result in severe repercussions for the employer.

We can offer you a solution and allow you peace of mind.

Fawzia Khan and Associates, (“FKA”) a reputable law firm established for almost 30 years have put together a Covid-19 Risk Assessment Plan and Back to Work Toolkit for all types of businesses, be it a small or medium to large business.

Know what your Employer responsibilities during the Covid 19 pandemic are!

We make it far more manageable and easier for your key personnel in the business to navigate through all this vast information and Covid regulations. Ultimately, allowing you more time so that you can concentrate on running your core business.

Through our years of experience and professional associations, we can provide a total solution for your business when you restart operations.

For the nominal amount of R3500,00 plus VAT, totalling R4 025–00 (Four thousand and twenty-five Rand), FKA will provide you with a Risk Assessment Pack and Back to Work Tool-kit. This is a once-off fee payment. This pack would ordinarily be valued at R15 000.00.

Included in the pack amongst other important documents, :-

  • The Covid-19 Return to Work Toolkit,
  • An Audit and Verification Checklist for your business,
  • your Company Vehicle Use policy,
  • A detailed Employer Responsibilities Checklist,
  • Cleaning procedures,
  • PPE Register,
  • Minutes of Meetings,
  • Screening Register for Employees,
  • Screening register for Visitors,
  • Warrant of Compliance Officer
  • Appointment and Workplace Plan,
  • Work at home Indemnity Agreement,
  • TERS Funding Final Payment letter,
  • Workplace acquired Infection Claims
  • And much more.


Access to a webinar hosted by Attorney Fawzia Khan in which she will answer your questions and explain the Back to Work Tool-Kit / Risk Assessment Plan.

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