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Preparing a valid Will

The importance of drafting a Will

What constitutes a valid Will?

The Legal Requirements of a Will

Dying Without a Will - What Happens?

Unsigned Wills - What Happens?

Deceased Estates

Company Law and Deceased Estates

Usufructs and Alternatives 

Afrikaans: Testamenta en Boedels

When is a Trust the Appropriate Solution?

Trusts- The Basics

Afrikaans: Trusts - 'n Algemene Bespreking



What is a Power of Attorney?

"Without Prejudice" - the meanings and use

Standard Clauses found in most Contracts

Lease Agreements in SA: The Basics

Collecting Arrear Rentals

Contracts - Must they be in writing?

Sources of Liability: The difference between Contract Liability and Delict

Signing Surety for a business

The Function of a Notary Public

Update to the Notary Public Authentication Process

Surety and Suretyship



Access to a Company's Financial Statements and Other Information

The Companies Act: Different Registration Requirements for Foreign Companies and External Companies

Director's Remuneration in terms of the Old Companies Act of 1973 and the New Companies Act of 2008

The Rights of Minority Shareholders - What every shareholder needs to know

Disclosure of Director's Personal Financial Interest

Applying the Liquidity and Solvency Test

Memorandums of Incorporation & The New Companies Act

Changing the Memorandum of Incorporation

MOI - Company Rules & Shareholder Agreements

The Shareholder's Agreement

The New Companies Act - Piercing the Corporate Veil

Company Law and Deceased Estates



Restraint of Trade Agreements

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Constructive Dismissal - When your boss makes life at work intolerabl​e

The Minimum Requirements for a Fair Disciplinary Hearing

More from our Labour Law attorneys



The National Credit Act and Reckless Lending

Protection Against Emolument Attachment Orders

The Removal of Adverse Credit Information

The Removal of Adverse Credit Information and information relating to Paid Up Judgment Regulations

The National Credit Act and Credit Agreements

The Consumer Protection Act

Debt Recovery and the Law in SA

The Concept of Strict Liability

Personal Injury: Slip and Trip  

The Voetstoets Clause and Property Transactions

More on Consumer Rights in South Africa


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