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I am looking for details on a specific attorney

Sorry, at this time we do not support this service. If you cannot find the particular attorney in our search results, the likelihood is that they are not listed with us. We suggest that you do a Google search for the attorney or firm's name, as we are unable to provide you with any information from our side.




I need advice on a legal matter

We are unable and unauthorised to give you direct legal advice. Due to the volume of e-mails received, we are also unable at this time to steer your query to the appropriate attorney. After locating a suitable attorney on our search you need to make direct contact with that attorney yourself.



I need a list of attorneys

Sorry, we do not give out lists of attorneys. Furthermore, if you are looking to offer a service to our listed members, we would strongly discourage you sending them unsolicited mail which our members detest. We have measures in place to monitor spam activities and take action where appropriate.