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MBD Attorneys

It appears that many South Africans are being harassed by a firm of Attorneys operating as MBD Attorneys:

Here are a few examples of experiences shared:

And some letters we have received directly about MBD complaints:

MBD attorneys have been harassing me for over 2 months regarding an SABC TV licence.

In 2007 we left the country and cancelled the licence. This evidence was found and sent through to them. However they continue to harass me and extort monies from me.

Kind regards,

I have tried several times to explain to mbd attorneys about the problem but they still insist that my dad needs to pay his Truworths account

my dad did have a Truworths account but was closed a long time ago we have sent the receipts to them also sent them an affidavit  saying the account is now closed and there is no money outstanding but they wont listen

my dad had a stroke 2 years ago and is now house bound he can barely walk and they are harrasing him every day regarding payment i dont appreciate this as he is also a diabetic and has high blood pressure i would like some one to help me resolve this problem as i deal with my dads affairs as he is unable to do so due to his condition



Good day ,

Im sending this email on behalf of my mother Mrs Sandra Hannival.

Plse see attached - according to my mom this Woolworths account was finalised years ago.

Last week Monday 01 June 2009, she got a call from MBD Attorneys saying that this account was still outstanding.

On a few occasions he has called me in to explain myself?????????????????????????? I could loose my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am urgently looking for a contact number for them! Please, If anyone can help?




Good day

My husband has been declared bankrupt a year ago.We send all the court documentation to all the relevant parties.

MBD does not seem to receive the paperwork.

I have spoken to Simpiwe N, mailed and faxed him the documents but he did not update the system.  One year after I send the documents through about 6 times already.

This morning I spoke to 3 different people, Figile, Lilian and the switchboard lady.

Guess what, I need to sent the documents again.

Can't some one close this company, doesn't seem that any one there knows how to operate a fax or e-mail.